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Portable RV & Camper Garage Kits for Sale

Just because campers and RVs are made tough doesn’t mean they should be left to rot in foul weather and harmful UV rays. Protect your investment with a sturdy camper cover, RV garage or portable garage kit to be sure your camper is ready when you are. We have an excellent selection of sizes and colors to fit and match your RV or camper. Choose from solid green, tan, gray or white. Heavy duty structural steel frames provide commercial grade strength to withstand high winds, heavy rains and accumulated snowfall. RV and camper covers are all-weather waterproof and have a 5-7 year life expectancy. These durable covers feature 4’ spacing between the ribs and/or rafter supports, double-zipper front door entry and its own anchoring system. All fabric components feature heat welded seam construction and have bright white interiors for solid visibility in daylight. Some select RV and camper covers feature a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty but be sure to check the model specifications and review the product details to see which items qualify.

20'Wx44'Lx18'H Barn Style Portable Garage

Our portable garages & carports offer instant garage and convenient year-round storage and protection for cars, trucks, ATV, motorcycles, boats, equipment & much more.

  • All units include a zippered front & solid rear panel and include an anchoring system.


Shelter Frames

Constructed from heavy duty 2 3/8” OD galvanized steel with sturdy 4’ spacing between the ribs or rafter supports.

  • 100% Galvanized Steel – We use only high yield USA manufactured carbon steel for ultimate durability, rust protection and superior strength. Each tube undergoes a triple-coating process inside and out that leaves no naked metal exposed to the elements.
  • ShelterLock  stabilizers ensure rock solid stability. Delivers a stable, more durable shelter frame.-Patent Pending
  • Universal steel foot plates for easy and solid connection to ground anchors, cement or pony walls.
  • Bolt-together hardware at every connection point ensures maximum strength and durability.
  • Swedged tubing for slip-together easy assembly.
  • No drilling or field cutting is required.
  • Wind braces included.


Fabric Cover Material

Main Cover and zippered end panel doors are made from advanced engineered, triple-layer, chemically heat bonded enhanced quality weave, rip-stop, waterproof, polyethylene cover. UV-treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, anti-fungal agents resulting in a fabric cover that withstands the elements.

  • Rugged Ratchet TiteTensioning System provides simple installation while keeping cover tight to frame.
  • Easy Slide Cross Rail System locks down and squares up covers.
  • High profile white interior provides enhanced illumination.


Fabric Cover Options

 All fabric weight calculations are in oz. per m2.


Polyethylene (PE) Heavy Duty: 9 oz.

1 Year Mfr. Warranty- 5-7 Year Life Expectancy

Forest Green, Gray, Tan, White or Translucent Clear


Polyethylene (PE) Industrial: 14.5 oz.

Fire rated FR fabric CPAI 84 Section 6 and NFPA-701 Large Scale compliant. 

10 Year Mfr. Warranty- 10-15 Year Life Expectancy

Forest Green, Gray, Tan or White are available for a custom charge.

Please see the Custom Fabric Cover Upgrade section below for pricing on the 14.5oz upgrade

Remember to add this accessory from the Custom Fabric Cover Upgrade section below to your shopping cart if you are choosing to upgrade to the Forest Green, Gray, Tan or White 14.5oz material.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Ultra-Duty: 21.5 oz.

Fire rated FR fabric CPAI 84 Section 6 and NFPA-701 Large Scale compliant. 

10 Year Mfr. Warranty- 15-20 Year Life Expectancy

Hunter Green only

Please see the Custom Fabric Cover Upgrade section below for pricing on the 21.5oz upgrade

Remember to add this accessory from the Custom Fabric Cover Upgrade section below to your shopping cart if you are choosing to upgrade to the Hunter Green 21.5oz material.


Features and Benefits
20'Wx44'Lx18'H Barn Style Portable Garage

· Triple zipper door front and solid rear 

· Door Clearance: 16'Wide at bottom x 16'Wide at top x 12.5’High at sides x 15’High at center

· 2 3/8" diameter, steel tubing · 12 rib / 24 leg

· Ground Anchors Included


Cover Material Upgrades- Custom Charges Apply

Please note that there is a custom charge for the following upgrades:

  • 14.5oz material
  • 21.5oz hunter green material  

To select one of these color or material quality option upgrades:

  1. Choose your color selection from the choose color drop down box (upper right hand corner of page)
  2. Choose the cover material quality from the choose cover material quality drop down box (upper right hand corner of page)
  3. Add the custom fabric cover upgrade from the Custom Fabric Cover Upgrades below for the color and grade of material you have chosen so that the correct upgrade charge is added to your shopping cart.

Custom Fabric Cover Upgrades
14.5oz Industrial Forest Green,Gray,Tan or White Upgrade-$1250 $1,250.00
21.5oz Ultra-Duty Hunter Green Upgrade-$2050 $2,050.00
Optional Accessories
30" Auger Anchor Kit Set of 8 $39.99
Easy Hook Anchor Kit Set of 8 $39.99
Joiner Kit - joins two shelters the same W x H together $60.00


File Type
Owners Manual .pdf

Retail Price: $6,328.00
Your Price: $6,037.00
Item Number: 3Q67B3

Choose Color:
Choose Cover Material Quality

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More Information about Portable RV Shelters

Build an affordable, portable, temporary, multi-purpose all weather RV cover or RV storage shelter with Portable Garage Depot's, heavy duty, easy to assemble, portable shelter kits. Our portable shelters offer all weather protection from sun, rain, sleet and snow, offering maximum protection for interior contents. As with all of our portable storage shelters, we offer powder coated or heavy duty galvanized steel framing, for easy assembly and the best in all weather protection. Portable Garage Depot's affordable all weather portable buildings protect the value of your belongings with a UV resistant, fire retardant polyethylene rip stop material cover with fabric backing to ensure long life and maximum durability against time and the elements

Call Us Toll Free @ 800.984.7657

Protect your RV, camper, car, truck, SUV, boat, motorcycle, materials, yard equipment, workshops and much more with our instant portable all weather camper storage shelters and covers. Our temporary buildings can be customized to fit vehicles of any shapes or sizes. Portable Garage Depot's affordable all weather portable buildings protect the value of your belongings with the ultimate in weather protection materials.

Construction materials are pre drilled and cut to specs. Easy bolt together design, with easy to assemble instructions help construction go fast and easy. Quality materials make for a quality structure that will stand the test of time, while still protecting the value of your belongings. Whether it be your car, truck, SUV, boat, campers, motorcycle, or maybe materials and storage, our portable instant all weather shelters will give the maximum in protection against sun, rain, sleet, snow, and wind. Wind brace supports on all sides will protect from the wind, hard falling rain, or snow that can put a heavy load on your storage cover shelter building.

Start the Process: Get a Quote Today

We offer several styles and colors of all weather shelters for any of your protection needs. Quonset round style instant shelters, peak style portable buildings and truss style big buildings are just a few of the many styles we offer. Round style storage shelters are good for snow and rain because it allows for easy runoff and less load on the structure. Peak and house style buildings offer the extra space on the sides and a high center ridge height. Truss style temporary buildings offer the most space and storage capacity. Not only are our all weather shelters good for your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or storage, our heavy duty all weather buildings can be modified for your favorite classic car, workshop, even a portable instant greenhouse if the need is there. Choose from our entire line of instant, portable, all weather protective shelters

Being that Portable Garage Depot is a leading manufacturer of its own temporary storage covers, buildings, and shelters, we can offer the lowest prices when buying factory direct. Let your number one source for quality storage structures help you choose the right structure you desire when looking for portable storage buildings.

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